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The Right way to Unplug During the Ceremony

Updated: Jun 4

I cannot say enough how many times I have seen guests taking their Phones out during the Ceremony. And regardless of how you spin it, it looks AWFUL in your Photos.

I get it, Family and Friends have traveled far & wide to be there on your day.. They need that memory of you walking down the aise. So here is what I propose and have seen Major Sucess with.

Have the DJ/Officiant announce to the guests to please keep their Cell Phones away during the Ceremony and there will be an opportunity for everyone to take out their Phones for some pictures of the couple at the Altar.

When you both get to the Altar, take a moment and let all your Guests take their phones out for some photos! It is a wonderful feeling to get those memories of you on your Wedding day without it interfering with the Photographer & Videographer as well as other guests. Afterwards, ask them to keep them away until after they leave the Ceremony site.

This will give your guests their own special memories while also giving you Clean Professional looking Photographs & Video. I don't want your Ceremony photos to be marked all over with your Guest's Phones. It is okay that they don't get every moment of your Ceremony captured on their Phones.

I provide the ability to share your gallery with your loved ones so they can have the high quality Professional photos for their memories and not disrupt your Wedding day.

A sign is not enough. An announcement is needed to keep your guests informed on your wishes for your day. When you do this, your guests, photographer, videographer, and YOU will all be happy!

-Amazing Davis


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