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Skip the Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

Updated: Jun 4

The Famous Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.

My most likely unpopular opinion.. Skip it!

Just about every Wedding I go too the Little Girls and Boys that are apart of the ceremony usually cry. They are uncomfortable in this ridiculous outfit, they are nervous around the huge crowd, they don't want to be there, they don't want to do it on cue, they are soooo Unhappy it hurts my Soul! #weddingtoddlers

I have three young Boys so to watch these young children have such a hard time every Wedding is hard. It makes this huge awkward scene everyone is quite literally stuck watching.

Now this isn't me saying don't have kids at your wedding, because I personally believe the best Weddings have kids at them. However, leave small children out of the ceremony. Think about how nervous you are. You a grown adult and your friends are probably nervous too. I believe there is too much expectation on children in ceremonies to perform a certain way that can be completely avoided.

Asking them to be there in their cute outfit and mind well is already alot. So skip the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer. OR if you do it, have them be an Older Child that WANTS to do it. Don't force it. Or Have a Flower Guy instead (a funny man that throws the flowers to a fun song) and have a Groomsmen have the rings. No one notices if you skip this tradition. The kids will probably also look much better for photos afterwards too when they aren't bawling and losing their minds before hand. So take my advice, and don't expect or have small children be your Ring Bearer or Flower Girl. Save yourself, the kids, and your guests the stress.

Only you can make the best decision for your day with the small details. Some kids are great walking down the aisle, but they have to want to do it.

-Amazing Davis

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