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Big Corporation VS Small Business Photography

Updated: Jun 4

You are scrolling through Facebook and all of a sudden I saw an add for Photo and Video for only $1,200!

So I did some digging. Read through comments, went to their website.. turns out they are a Big Corporation.

This is becoming incredibly Popular and it's actually sad. There are big companies out there hiring Photographers for $30-$40 an hour to take pictures at a Wedding and hand off these images to the Big Corporation. If you don't know, this is about or even less what a Second Shooter (Photographer) makes in this industry which is about $40-$50 per hour.

Most of these companies are also making Photographers sign over their rights to the images that they take and giving them up to the bigger corporations. As well as there have been some companies already that have shut down leaving hundreds of Couples with empty pockets and canceled contracts.

Now, let's talk about this. A couple hires this company for their Wedding, having ZERO idea who is showing up to one of the BIGGEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES! Not only is it a gamble if the person is a right fit for you and your loved ones, but you have no idea how they take images, their gear.. nothing.

This is like the Big Chain Restaurants and Stores taking over Small Businesses. Yes. This is affordable and is actually incredibly popular in Covid world right now because most people can't afford much. Yes, it's easy. In my opinion, it's not worth it.

Your Photographer is with you your entire Wedding day. He/She is your best friend and shadow throughout your whole day that you have been dreaming about since you were little. I would not risk getting someone that would make me uncomfortable, or I didn't connect with, or down right doesn't take images that fits what I like. And neither should you.

I can Guarantee if you are on a strict budget, you can still find someone in your Budget that you genuinely like and want to be apart of your Wedding day. I make Friends with my Couples. It is as important to me to get along with my couples as it is for them to get along with me. I take the time to get to know my Couples, understand your likes and dislikes.. I pay attention to your mood of your day, your wedding colors, your personality all plays a HUGE roll into my editing process that creates something customized to you.

I would much rather go down to that Mom and Pop shop down the street and eat something that tastes like home, then the same old Burger that we all know tastes like crap but we go back to it because it's easy.

Quality over Quantity.

Please do your research on the person that is showing up to your big day.

-Amazing Davis


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