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About Amazing Davis

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    Who am I? A mixture of an Army Veteran, a Momma Bear, an Animal Lover, Taekwondo Black Belt, Yogi, Cat Mom =O.O= and a Gaming Nerd. I am a total Bro and Girly Girl mixed in one. I will always be a Colorado girl no matter where life takes me! Sunsets are my FAVORITE and have been since I was a kid. I am a devoted person and love everything about my job. I have seen the evils and the ugly of this business, and want nothing more than to be Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy, and Fun for every single one of my clients.

   I am married to the love of my life. We met years ago in College and I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he was my person. I never believed in love at first sight until I met him. He is the best father I could have ever hoped to have for my children. He is kind, caring, understanding, has the biggest heart out of anybody I have ever met. He is my biggest support, my best friend, and the reason why I love capturing love so much. When I get to watch and hear about other people find their person in this world, it makes me so happy. It is a feeling unmatched and I find that so precious. 

   My children are my life and I want nothing but the best for them in this world. I have always wanted to be a mom since I was young. They are my little legacies, and I hope they can love as hard as their Mom & Dad do, work hard for the things they want, and find happiness within themselves when the world around them is on fire. I fully intend on supporting them through anything and everything they want to do, as long as they are happy. 

   Art has always been a passion of mine, and I find it incredible to create art from start to finish. From capturing moments, processing them in unique ways, and delivering them to you. The BEST feeling for me is that first response after you see your photographs. It gives me a warm tingly feeling inside that I adore.

   I can promise that I will make your day about you and show you what it means to have a Wedding Photographer who cares about you. 

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What Amazing Colorado Photography Means to Me


    I am a Go with the Flow, Fun, Creative, and Caring soul. I strive to capture your dream through my lens. Whatever that Dream looks like, I want to understand your Wants/Needs and most important moments so I can be there. I strive to create a fun and comfortable environment that you can be YOU in.

   Whenever I am not capturing your memories, I am there to support you throughout the whole process. Send me your flower colors, your dress, your ideas for pictures, pictures of your dog/babies! I LOVE connecting with my Couples and you will be so much happier with someone you are comfortable with who is interacting with you, your family, and friends on one of the biggest days of your life. I am here for you. 

    I am mostly a Fine Art Photographer. This means I love creating Artistic shots with Candid & Authentic moments around your Environment. I believe in Variety because your day is full of it. You will have moments where my photojournalistic side comes out and I am taking pictures of RAW moments like your child dancing with you or a Father crying the moment he see's his daughter in her Wedding dress. THOSE MOMENTS MATTER! I also do Traditional Moments of pure beauty like the sun setting, and I have you pose in a way that highlights you and your environment (this is also considered Illustrative Wedding Photography). OR the Traditional Portraits with your Family members. I may ask you two to do something daring, and adventurous that you aren't used to like getting in the water. I am super go with the flow, so if you don't want to do something, That is Okay! It is your day, your photos, your memories, I want them to reflect YOU! 

    I grew up in Denver where my Business is also based out of but we recently moved back to Colorado Springs. I love going back to Denver and photographing all over Colorado! I offer No Travel Fees for Wedding packages all over Colorado as well as for Engagement & Elopement Sessions within an hour of Denver or Colorado Springs. I sometimes travel back to Tampa, Florida where we lived for a short time and have shot multiple Weddings, Elopements, & other Smaller sessions. 

    My Business is Registered and I am insured. I have learned from professionals the gear that I work with as well as the platforms that I process my photos on from College and continuously learning more with workshops. I have photographed over 160 Weddings/Smaller Sessions in my 3 years of being a Full Time Wedding Photographer, and am still very Bushy Tail and Bright Eyed every time I'm behind my camera.

    I strive to create something incredibly Unique and completely personalized to you. 

    I also have partnered up with & work closely to a few other Photographers, Videographers, and other Vendors, to bring our couples discount services when we work along side our favorite vendors!!

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Amazing Colorado Photography is a Colorado Fine Art / Artistic Wedding & Elopement Photographer Based in
Denver and Colorado Springs offering Engagement Packages, Elopements, and Weddings.

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